Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Free E-book

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Great New Look

What do you think about this great new cover? Isn't it awesome? I like it much better than the last one that I had.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Short Interview with Katie Farnsworth

Me: Hello Katie. Tell us about yourself, please.
Character: Hello. My name is Katie Farnsworth. How are you this evening? I am a 50 year old grandmother of four, although I don't get to see them as often as I would like. I am what some would refer to as a church mother. I was raised in the church as was my mother and her mother before her. Is there anything specific that you would like to ask me?
Me: Katie, where are you from? Do your grandchildren live far away from you, is that why you do not get to see them much? I have a granddaughter on the way and I'm excited to met her. Do you work, and if so what is your career? What do you like to do in your spare time? What church were you raised in?
Character: I am from Baton Rogue, Louisiana. Yes, my grandchildren are scattered all across the United States as my daughter and two sons are all in the military. It's hard to be away from my family for so long. Yes, I work still. The current economy makes it hard for someone like me to be able to retire. I am a scientist on a military base. I was raised in a Church of God.
Me: Thank you for your time Miss Katie. Have a blessed day.
Character: Thank you for having me. You have a blessed day also.

Interview with Serenity Lambert

Me: Good morning and thank you for coming out to interview with me today. Why don’t you start by telling us your name?
Character: Well thank you for having me today. My name is Serenity Marie Lambert.
Me: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Character: Ummm, [nervously twists hair and places it behind her ear] what would you like to know about me?
Me: Where were you born?
Character: I was born in London, England.
Me: Really? Is that where you live now?Character: No, I’m currently residing in Hinesville, Georgia.
Me: Why are you in Hinesville, Georgia?
Character: Well, I’m here on business, but I’m not really supposed to talk about it. [She nervously looks around the room and fidgets in her chair uncomfortably.]
Me: What sort of business are you working on? Do you work with the FBI or something? [I laugh.]
Character: Do you promise to keep it a secret? Because this really must not get out! If Nicolaitanes ever found out that I was here…..well he just can’t know. Okay? [She gets up and paces back and forth across the room]
Me: Who’s Nicolaitanes?
Character: Nicolaitanes Balac, he’s the President of Italy. Haven’t you heard of him?
Me: No, I haven’t really been keeping up with the news.
Character: Well, he’s a really powerful man. Don’t tell anyone but I think that he’s really in charge of Operation Dark Angel.
Me: What’s Operation Dark Angel?
Character: Oh dear, I should not have said that. [Shifts in chair and meets interviewer's eyes briefly before looking away.]
Me: Is that what you are in Hinesville working on?
Character: [Silence for several seconds.] Yes, but I really wish that I had never gotten involved. They lied to us you know. It is not what they said. How can destroying whole cities and starting wars be for the good of the people? [She looks thoughtfully out of the window.]
Me: What? Are you telling me that you are working on a project that is causing wars?
Character: Don’t look at me like that. If they had told me the truth, I never would have gotten involved. Look, do you mind if we change the subject? I really don’t want to talk about it anymore.
Me: Sure. What do you like to do when you’re not working?Character: I absolutely love to read, cook and paint.
Me: What genre of books do you enjoy reading?
Character: Mostly, I like to read romance novels but do enjoy a good mystery.
Me: What is your favorite book?Character: Gone With the Wind
Me: Really? That’s one of my favorite books as well. Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?
Character: [She looks around before whispering.] Go and find somewhere safe to hide. Things are about to get really ugly around here. Don’t trust anybody! I mean it, NO ONE. If you don’t believe in God, now is the time to start. He’s the only one who can get us out of this mess.
Me: [I look at her bewildered.] What do you mean by that?
Character: I’m sorry, I really can’t say any more. Thanks so much for having me. I have to go now. [She then turns and runs out of the door.]