Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's Tuesday, Time For Another Great Excerpt

It's Tuesday and I feel like being generous. Here's another great excerpt from my book. Enjoy!

Adolph Christophe, Sergei and Anya Petrov turned to watch the latest newscast. Anya had been amused to watch the chaos their little charade had caused. Adolph had been most impressed. He could not believe that they had caused numerous countries to actually attack each other based on the assumption that they were currently being attacked by that country. What is wrong with people? They didn’t even check to verify that the target had actually been destroyed before attacking in retaliation. Incredibly stupid people—gotta love them. This is incredible—it’s just too easy. How many others will react this way as well? The missiles had in fact only been fabricated virtually to appear as though they were attacking those targets—only the retaliation missile fire had been real. Adolph could see why Nicolaitanes had chosen these Russians for the project—although he still had no idea what all it was that they had been entrusted to do. But perhaps it was better that he did not know. They were a little too shady for Adolph’s taste, although he did kind of like Miss Anya.


“I am here in Jerusalem, Israel where only moments ago the country was attacked by England. We are unsure of why England has declared war on its own ally. Prime Minister Olmert has gone underground with members of Parliament in an attempt to keep the country’s government intact. The death toll between Beersheba and Tiberias is 540 people and rising. Many more are wounded. Unfortunately for the wounded, people are too afraid to venture out into the attacked areas for fear of contracting a deadly disease (as what happened with earlier attacks on Israel) thus leaving the wounded without proper medical care forcing them to try to help each other.
In other parts of the world, I have been informed that similar attacks have also happened today. The United States has actually attacked Iraq and Canada. For what reason, we are still unsure. England has also attacked China. France has attacked the United States, England and Japan. Japan has attacked France and Turkey. Why have all these allies suddenly declared war on each other is beyond me? No one seems to know the reasoning behind any of this. What in the world is going on—the entire world wants to know. And if that weren’t bad enough, the rest of the world is choosing sides. This could potentially lead to another World War.
For those of you in the affected areas, I pray that God keeps you safe and protects you. Lord knows we all need it. I will keep you updated as I find out more. This is Gage Cameron, ICNN news. Be safe everyone.”

“What did we tell you, Adolph? Are you satisfied with the technology? Now do you know why you are here?” Sergei asked.
“Yes Sergei, I am most impressed. I see what it is that attracted Nicolaitanes to you. You have much talent here,” Adolph replied.
He walked around the room; he definitely was glad that Sergei and the others were on his side. He would hate to be on the side against Sergei’s people. Heck, he would hate to be on the side against Nicolaitanes for that matter. He suddenly turned towards Anya as he had an idea.
“Anya, with that program can we make it appear to the world as though all of this was orchestrated by the Christians?” Adolph asked.
Anya looked puzzled. She turned questioningly to Sergei. Sergei just shrugged.
“I do not know what purpose that would serve but it is doable,” Anya replied. Adolph smiled.
“Good, then do it,” he said. Anya looked to her father for approval.
“Okay,” Sergei said nodding to one of the others. Adolph smiled, life was good. Now all he had to do was report in and return back to the base.
Anya lead Adolph and Sergei back up into the house. “Is there a phone around here that I may use? I have to make a call,” Adolph asked.
Anya looked afraid, she really did not trust Adolph. She didn’t much trust any outsiders.
“Why do you need use of the phone?” she asked sternly.
“I have to report back to Nicolaitanes if you must know,” Adolph snapped. The nerve of that woman.
Sergei nodded to Anya then turned and went back to the elevator. Anya watched her father descend in the elevator before returning her attention to Adolph. She then turned to lead Adolph to the phone in the foyer.
“Here, you can use that phone. Please to not be talking long. Is an international call, yes?” Anya said.
“I won’t be long,” Adolph replied. Anya walked out of sight.
Adolph waited until Anya had left before making his phone call.
“Hello? Yes, it’s me, Adolph. No, no, I am still in Russia. Yes, I think that I have done all that I can do here. Anya and Sergei have been most helpful, Rosalind. Am I finished now as I would like to return back home? I really don’t wish too but if you insist. Fine I will stay here,” Adolph resigned.
Anya didn’t hear much of the conversation; she only wished that she had been able to hear the other side of the conversation. She sighed. Looks like he’s going to be with us awhile longer. I’m not to be liking this much but what can I do? Anya was not a happy camper.
“I wonder why they want me to stay. Nicolaitanes must have some further purpose for Adolph here. What could the purpose possibly be? I will have to discuss this with Sergei,” she mumbled.
Adolph hung up the phone and walked down the foyer towards the stairway. He nearly knocked Anya over as he turned the corner. She dropped the tray that she was carrying and the tea pot and cups shattered.
“I am truly sorry. Are you okay?” Adolph asked helping her pick up the broken pieces.
“Thank you,” Anya said politely.
“Did you need something? I have to make Sergei his afternoon tea,” Anya said curtly. Adolph looked embarrassed.
“I just wanted to tell you that Nicolaitanes wants me to stay here with you and your father a little while longer,” Adolph replied. Anya raised her eyebrows questioningly.
“For what purpose?” she inquired.
“I do not know just yet. I hope that I am not imposing on you,” Adolph replied.
“It does not matter, does it? It is what Nicolaitanes wants. Yes?” Anya remarked.
“I suppose you’re right. I will let you get on with your work then,” Adolph said before walking away.
He was disappointed. Although sometimes Anya got on his last nerve with her pompous behavior, he had a slight crush on her. He had hoped to have a little chat with Anya; perhaps a nice little walk out in the garden. Oh well, perhaps another time.
I still do not quite trust him. Anya watched him walk away. Anya returned to the kitchen to make another pot of tea for her father. She was very troubled by Adolph’s news, did Nicolaitanes no longer trust them?
Adolph walked back down the hallway. I don’t trust these people, well not Sergei and the others anyway. There’s just something about this place; they have too much power. Why does Nicolaitanes want me to stay here anyway? What can I possibly do here now? I’ve completed my mission here.

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