Ask the Author......

Please feel free to ask me about being a writer or about my book or about being a Christian. I look forward to talking with you and getting to know you (my fans). Feel free to also leave comments and thoughts about my book.


  1. J.L. Bwye

    1. When did you start writing, and what got you started?

    2. Remind me about your published books? What are their genres? Are there any sub-genres you could fit them into, for promotional purposes?

    3. What is your favourite character in Operation Dark Angel? The World at War?

    4. Do you tend to watch (your genre) films and dramas on TV? If not, what would you watch instead?

    5. What do you think might be your next writing project?

    6. How do you fit novel writing into your daily schedule?

    7. Are any of your characters' traits based on people you've encountered in your own life? If so, who in particular might have influenced you?

    8. What would be the first few novels you'll be reading next?

    9. On a different tack, if you have free time to do anything, what do you enjoy doing?

    1. I started writing when I was a child. We used to have creative writing classes. I don't believe that the kids today have that class anymore. Although I used to write short stories back then, I never completed a novel until recently.

      My only published books right now are Operation Dark Angel and The World at War. They are Christian Fiction thrillers.

      My favorite character in Operation Dark Angel would be Katie Farnsworth. My favorite character in The World at War would probably be Serenity Lambert.

      I like to watch a variety of things on tv. I enjoyed the Left Behind movies but I also enjoy a good comedy or thriller. My favorite tv program is Law & Order SVU.

      My next writing project is entitled A Valley Experience. It's a stand-alone novel about a young woman's trials and tribulations during her search to find God.

      I actually have to make time for my writing as I also have two day jobs.

      All of my characters have some traits of real people that I know but most of their traits come completely from my imagination.

      I am currently reading The Tehran Initiative by Joel Rosenberg.

      Besides writing, I enjoy reading, painting, drawing, photography, scrapbooking. I like anything creative.